Muktinath Temple, The Elemental Flame

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Miracles and wonders are affirming factors in many great religions and phenomena like fire burning on water and sea-fossils thousand of kilometers inland have enhanced the sacred charisma of Muktinath.The high mountain location, adjacent to Mustang in the remote Himalayas, adds to its allure.So it is unsurprising that this site has a potent appeal for pilgrims, with the power of lifting a lifetime’s burden of misery and sorrow.Muktinath’s main shrine is a pagoda-style temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu, which has 108 spouts in the shape of bulls’ heads, through which holy water runs.This is apparently the only place on the planet where all the five ‘tatras’ or element merge, thanks to a rock fissure from which both water and natural gas pour, and small flames are constantly created.

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Muktinath is cherished as an example to the world of a sacred place shared harmoniously by devotees of two great religions simultaneously, as it is also revered by Buddhists.Our journey to Muktinath begins with a day tour to some of the sacred sites in Kathmandu, and then we travel to Pokhara by road and have a chance to ride the Manakamana cable car en route. We fly you to Jomsom for the short trek to Muktinath, where we allow you time to luxuriate in a holy bath as well as committing to your worship and darshan.