Why Choose Trekkers Society

Your time is precious and we know how vital it is to match your itinerary to your needs and time available.

You are seeking an enriching experience in the Himalayas - whether your mission is principally a spiritual one, to visit and be touched by one of the world’s most inspiring landmarks, or whether you opt to go back to nature and immerse yourself in the great outdoors with wild creatures.

Picture yourself as a pilgrim, heart set on a sacred site. Or an explorer, trailing a tiger in the wild.

We can help you realise the vision.

Since 1996, the Trekkers’ Society has come to be a byword for high quality, good value and professionalism in the travel and tours sector in the Himalayan region. We pride ourselves on walking the extra mile to make your entire trip is memorable.

The Trekkers’ Society places emphasis on your personal needs and we prize ourselves in willingness and flexibility. We understand you.

This is why we have a hand-picked selection of specialised tours that draw on our know-how and our experienced networks to guarantee that your vacation time will be enriching, fascinating and potentially life-changing.

Your investment into your dream-holiday is understood; that is why we take pride in ensuring quality of care and hospitality, safety and offering a fulfilling experience.

Booking your tour with experienced travel partners like the Trekkers’ Society will be an investment worth making.

Our team look forward to assisting you in developing a suitable itinerary and guiding you on your tour in the majestic Himalayas.