Muktinath temple is located on the Mustang district of Nepal at the altitude level of 3710M / 12,172 FT It is mostly famous between Hindus and Buddhist. In Hindu it is the  temple of Vishnu which pepole worship as  'Mukti Kshetra' or 'Place of Slavation'. Pepole belifes that who come to worship at temple and take a bath in 108 Taps and 2 holy Kundas they will be free from their sins. Muktinath Temple is also the one of major temples of Vaishnava sect and Buddisht worship temple as a 'Khummung Gates' . they belifs the great Buddhist monk from the north-western region, went to Tibet for propagation of Buddhism through this route. It is also famous for 'Shaligram' which is made of insect fossils of prehistoric period. In Hindu mythyology Lord Vishnu resides in the shaligram. 

Many pepole across the world come to visit Muktinath Temple for It's religious and to see beauty of nature that surrounds the temple area.  The temple sits on the laps of Throng La Pass, with the view of peaks as Annpurna, Dhaulgiri, Nilgiri and more. The climate and landscape here are similar to the tibetan plateu because it is situated on the rain shadow of the himalayas